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2017 – 2018

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Auditions for our Winter comedy Come on, Jeeves will be October 7th and 9th.  Click here for more information.

September 29 – October 15

Dial M for Murder

Ex-tennis star Tony Wendice wants to murder his wealthy wife, Margot for her money.  When he discovers she’s had a tryst with a young American, he designs the perfect murder.

September 29th through October 15th
Fridays / Saturdays – 7:30 pm
Sundays – 3:00 pm

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Our 2017 – 2018 Season

September 29 – October 15
Dial M for Murder
A thriller about a jealous, unstable husband who plans the perfect murder of his wife.
December 1 – 17
Come on Jeeves
An impoverished and somewhat doltish nobleman finds himself unknowingly rescued from one scrape to another by his esteemed, and perfectly mannered manservant, Jeeves.
March 2 – 18
Everybody Loves Opal
A comedy about hording.  Opal collects any and everything her wagon can carry.  When three na’re-do-wells concoct a plan to bump her off for the life insurance, calamity ensues.
March 31 – April 1
Spring Fundraiser
Full of music, readings, raffles, games, and general “fundraisi-ness” (that’s not really a word).
May 18 – June 3
The Nerd
A hysterical comedy about an architect who finds his life thrust into chaos with the rather unexpected arrival of a tactless, hopeless, classless clod.  Can he get rid of the nerd before violence erupts?
June 26 – July 1
Summer Kids Performance Camp
Ages 6 – 15 can sign up to take part in our Summer performance camp, culminating in a free one-act performance starting the campers.

Photos from recent shows

The 39 Steps

(May, 2017)

Moon Over Buffalo

(March, 2017)

The Fourposter

(December, 2016)

Little Shop of Horrors

(October, 2016)